Area 51 – Do It Yourself Road-Trip Tour

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This one’s for Lisa M, Chris W and Jamie C, because you all specifically mentioned you were looking forward to this blog. I would be skeptical if I didn’t know you’re actually serious!

This past Christmas, I went to visit my Dad who lives in Northwest Las Vegas. Besides the obligatory gambling, we decided, at my suggestion, to go on a road-trip to Area 51. I wonder now in hindsight if…, no I’m pretty sure that…, actually, I’m fairly positive I was subliminally influenced ever since seeing the movie, Paul on a recent Virgin Atlantic flight to London. If so, then Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have a lot to answer for!

So first, let’s set the mood, shall we?

Paul (2011) – Official Trailer

So as one does, I Googled for tours to Area 51. Well, I quickly ditched any thoughts of a tour from Las Vegas because the going…

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5 Things People Who Aren’t Prescribed Adderall Don’t Understand

It’s sad that this is the first article I have read that didn’t talk about adderall like it was simply a quick fix or a even a street drug that you should be buying off of your friends or worse fooling your doctor into beleiving you also ‘suffer from add/adhd, to be perscribed only to then treat like its candy.. Making the ones who really struggle with these conditions fall under suspicion just because of how everyone else is abusing it.
Anyway! This is very good look at the people who REALLY depend on this drug to complete important day to day tasks.

Thought Catalog

Adderall has gained a reputation for making you “limitless.” I’ve even heard it called legal meth, or legal cocaine. It seems that many teens and adults these days, especially those in college, would do just about anything to attain an Adderall prescription. To most of these people, who likely don’t even have ADD/ADHD, Adderall makes them better, at least for a short time. But to those of us who struggle with ADD/ADHD every day, Adderall helps us feel as close to normal as we will ever get. If you’re prescribed, it’s likely that you have had someone tell you that you’re lucky. But we’re not as lucky as they think.

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1. Being physically, but not mentally, hungry.

You hear your stomach growl. You know that you need to eat so you head to your pantry. You scan everything in it, but nothing appeals to…

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