5 Things People Who Aren’t Prescribed Adderall Don’t Understand

It’s sad that this is the first article I have read that didn’t talk about adderall like it was simply a quick fix or a even a street drug that you should be buying off of your friends or worse fooling your doctor into beleiving you also ‘suffer from add/adhd, to be perscribed only to then treat like its candy.. Making the ones who really struggle with these conditions fall under suspicion just because of how everyone else is abusing it.
Anyway! This is very good look at the people who REALLY depend on this drug to complete important day to day tasks.

Thought Catalog

Adderall has gained a reputation for making you “limitless.” I’ve even heard it called legal meth, or legal cocaine. It seems that many teens and adults these days, especially those in college, would do just about anything to attain an Adderall prescription. To most of these people, who likely don’t even have ADD/ADHD, Adderall makes them better, at least for a short time. But to those of us who struggle with ADD/ADHD every day, Adderall helps us feel as close to normal as we will ever get. If you’re prescribed, it’s likely that you have had someone tell you that you’re lucky. But we’re not as lucky as they think.

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1. Being physically, but not mentally, hungry.

You hear your stomach growl. You know that you need to eat so you head to your pantry. You scan everything in it, but nothing appeals to…

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Deck Review – The Wild Unknown Tarot

Rabbit Moon Tarot

Wheel of Fortune - Wild Unknown Wheel of Fortune – Wild Unknown Tarot

I first read about this deck in a blog post a couple of months ago (and have since seen it starring in a lot of edgy-teenager instagram galleries – but don’t let that deter you!) and was instantly intrigued by it’s creepy, eldritch artwork.  Since I live in England, however, and the deck is only published in America (so far as I can tell), I filed it away on my “Maybe one day…when the stars align…”  Tarot wishlist: slightly more accessible than the out-of-print Ukiyo-e deck, but still fairly unlikely to find its way into my hands.

Or so I thought…

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The Narrative Illustrations of Chiara Bautista (aka Milk)

I’m so obsessed with this artist… ♡

The Dancing Rest

777-10. Chiara Bautista (MILK)

Chiara Bautista is an elusive and elliptical artist.
What may I say about her? She is Mexican and each of her artworks is a visual embodiment of complex and elaborate stories about love, life, music and beautiful monsters.

“As for my personal work, I create the illustrations in order to work as part of a small conversation and use them to express something I can’t find the right words for. After more than a decade of condensing big amounts of text into single images on a daily basis, I find using visual communication as normal as any other language. We can say things through music, words and actions. I’m one of those who like to say it using figures and colors.” Chiara Bautista

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ANA MARY. Chiara Bautista (MILK)Oh my deer. Chiara Bautista (MILK)Roundhere. Chiara Bautista (MILK)GIFT. Chiara Bautista (MILK)CB

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The way I understand frequencies*

One could agree that there is light and dark side to all things. And when you get down to the unseen mechanics of it all I think it’s also fair to assume that practically everything in our reality is made up of coexisting vibrations and within them the different levels of frequencies. This meaning that each thing in existence would be emanating a certain vibe or energy. I’ve often wondered what affects these energies have on people as I believe we are constantly taking them in, feeling/perceiving them, and then projecting them back out as our own.

Now I wanna start off by saying that i’ve merely theorized about all this. I cannot ‘see’ energies/frequencies and I certainly cannot look into anyone’s mind and see how they think and feel. This is simply a compilation of my thoughts. (Scattered as they may be..) **

Moving on, I feel like it’s important that I put an emphasis on the belief I have that in a world full of opposing frequencies -such as the one we live in!- there is no good and bad. Rather, a better concept would be that of dark and light,(or as low and high). However, the way you feel about these terms depends entirely on you the reader and how you’ve been programmed to perceive them up until this point. I’m not here to sway you, but if it helps, the way I better understand the two sides -good, bad and in between- is I imagine them in my mind to be represted on a color scale. Ranging from all matters of hues and colors with each one representing a different frequency. (The same can be done done with music!) Frequencies -like colors- effect us differently. For example, something someone would describe and perceive as happy or good would often be described by them as being of a higher frequency (positive) and bad or sad being that of a lower (negative). Suppose metephorically, the ‘bad’ vibe was a color and the ‘good’ vibe was a color. Look at the two colors as being in a huge spectrum. Say the positive being of a lighter vibe, like yellow. And the seemingly more negative vibe, a brown. Now imagine putting this concept into play with things that effect you positively or negatively in you’re day to day life. Would you still say that one is good and the other bad? Of course not. This is why I feel so strongly that the variant frequencies should be viewed with just a little more insight and respect for what they really which is simply different! Not worse, not bad, Just different. Also realize that practically everything we come into contact with: people, sounds, colors, objects, plants, animals. They all emanate frequencies that we experience as soon as we come into contact with them. And through every interaction we are affected, whether it is felt through our emotions or stored into the subconsious until you’ve expeirienced that particular vibe/frequency again.

This is how I think our perceptions have been sculpted into what they are. When something is new we view it as neutral, but as soon as weve expeirienced it for ourselves we begin to feel a certain way about it. This can stick with us or it can change over time. But either way we build off of it. For example you might like the color purple because it reminds you of certain flower you smelt and liked as a child. Or you might dislike high pitched noises because it’s a reminder of an accident you had. It could be anything, but it’s when we experience these outside energies they start to tap into and connect with us on the the deeper levels of our psychology- the subconsious. This triggers an emotion. It’s our emotions then that begin determining the way we ‘perceive’ things from that point. Therefore, I don’t think it would be so out of bounds to say that energies/frequencies (which clearly stimulate emotion and perceptions) impact us a great deal more than we think. Especially energetically. And when I say energetically im implying that the individual vibe(or energy) is going to affect ours, whether we see it or not. But in my simplist words: These interactions with other things feed us an energy or vibe, which we experience and feel with our senses. Then from the perception we gain from that, a projection of our own energy is put out to be felt and experienced by others.

And the emotions that are attached to that perception would be what determines the type of energy that would then be put out and projected to the world. These constant occurances are what transform our disposition- the basis of who we are. In short, Frequencies are what mold us. And in turn, give life to new thoughts, feelings and experiences. (new vibes!) How the ‘effects’ of these waves are felt by us range from person to person because of how we distinctively embrace and interpret them. Now try looking at the bigger picture. What frequencies are you emitting? Think of what colors you want to put out into the world. Bright or dark. Neither one is ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ but that’s all up to you. Take a closer look at the way you resonate with things, and delve even deeper. Become aware of the frequencies around you, how they make you feel and where you think they come. For me, this way of looking at it all helps me understand things like ‘friction’ ‘difference’ and concepts like ‘good and bad’ more easily. But in the end that’s just me and my perception. It’s to be taken however you like! ^-^

We feel energies, then we perceive and project them.

We feel energies, then we perceive and project them.