Friendship starts off with a connection. To connect you’ve got to be open to allow the person your interacting with to see a small part of you. To some extent you’re (in the long run) actually allowing access to your mind and heart, but at first glance your persona- the qualities that make You, ‘You’. I think every friendship is so unique. Even more strongly I believe that the things-and in this particular case- the people we love and care for shed a great deal of light on just ‘who’ we are. Believe it or not, each and every one of us has multiple aspects to our personalities. I’m not saying we have a bunch of individual personalities in a way that’s makes us ‘insane’ or unhealthy in any way. As a matter of fact, it’s quite good. We’re all so unique in our experiences and thoughts. Not one person is exactly the same in every way, nor are we capable of coming close to even remotely replicating the exact outlook/perspective of another human being. It’s just not possible. Pointing that out, I’ll say I’ve determined with a great deal of observation and thought that we’ve each got different states of consciousness if you will, within our personalities- different aspects. THESE are what we use to connect with others on a personal level. Thinking of this, I’ve come to realize that- other people- being so different and unique from one another, bring out different aspects within us. Other people bring out who we are. And we are many. Now when two people meet they can choose to either care or not care. Depending on if they want to pursue the task of getting to know each other, they would then put forth a sincere effort to understand the other on some level. They then instinctively reveal certain aspects of themselves to the other person and as a result they give and get. (For the act of being open to relationships itself can be considered a vulnerability and therefore something you GIVE. Not only that, you learn something new and so in turn you also GET.) Now they may either get along, meaning they actually like what they’ve seen or they aren’t really feeling much of an impact from each others personalities on one or both ends. If it is existent though, that impact is like a sliver of light that only shines on certain parts of us. Not all. Still, THIS is connection. It’s so strange that people being as different as we are can interact with other other people who have lived through and experienced such different lives than us and still find and reveal such deep possibilities and connections. I think it’s beautiful. Our animal instinct is love. It’s relation. It’s finding compatibility where there sometimes is none. We create friendships and bonds with people. And the most miraculous part is that every single bond and every single relationship is different because of the fact that WE are different.


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