~School Days

I remember when I was a Freshman in High school. School was a drag and I couldn’t wait to get out. My biggest problems were turning in my assignments, the little bits of drama between friends, getting up early and lastly the part where I caught myself constantly worrying what negative things people might be thinking about me. Three years later, I’m catching myself wishing the school days would go by slower, worrying about when the time comes that ill be handing in bills in stead of essays and getting up three hours earlier to work twice the hours id spend casually sitting in a desk next to friends listening to adults that talk to and teach students so that when your at the point I’m at you don’t have to feel like I do right now. Worried.. Note to self kids, stay in school and appreciate it, your teachers, your friends, your youth, your future and most importantly the present, because if your not careful you’ll catch yourself wishing you did.~

Sincerely Yours,

-K. E. C.

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