Today I found what I call a ‘venting letter’ Written years ago to deal with whatever was bothering me as a kid without having to speak a word about it. Here’s what it said~

image“Love.. does not exist. Its only a word. A word passed down through the generations to trick fools into thinking they’re actually capable of feeling something so intensely real. IT IS NOT REAL. Many think they know what love is, and while I happen to think something as surreal as love remains questionable and forever undefinable, I dare to believe this; When you would kill for that person or risk everything and anything for that person without any concern for yourself, that is love. But how many would? Ill bet the number is few. So the next time you say you love someone so easily, don’t. & if your not willing to put their feelings before your own, then you do not know love. Love is not a game, so don’t pretend..” To me this serves as a good reminder that without a conduit or form of release wed all explode or worse.. implode! Makes me thankful for my fingers which I could not write nor live without.~ ❤


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