Be real. Its less painful for everyone

Playing nice and being ‘fake’ isn’t fair to anyone. Not to you. Not to the people you conceal your true nature from. Even if its to spare others of any hard feelings or whether you feel its not your place to put your own opinion before someone else in fear of damaging their pride..It’s really not okay. The thing is, unless they’ve got some deeper-more underlying problems, most people generally do what they feel is tolerable or ‘acceptable’ in a situation. They asses your acceptance as they get to know you. But sadly, every one has a breaking point. Sooner or later your gonna snap or get irritated with the people that frustrate you, especially if your ‘apparently’ close. This will hurt those people even more due to the fact they never knew you had a problem with their actions in the first place. At least, till now.. Leaving them shocked, sad, and confused. So save yourself (and others!) the bitter buildup of pain that comes with that fake smile and ‘pleasing’ attitude of yours and try to be a little more you. Just a little.~

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