United change~

Why is it that while we strive to be authentic in our growth and period of time on this planet? -(As we are indeed, constantly growing.) We continue to conform without realizing we are even doing so and with that create a void of change. I feel it is an imperative realization one must make in order to create any grounds of significant change in there allotted time here. After all whats left when your no longer here? Your wealth? No, its the impact you had on the people you met day to day. Its how others ARE affected by you. And while you alone can decide who to be and what to do, its the world that gives you your importance. I personally believe that all life has a purpose. Some people diminish or lose themselves in the ego of today’s society. In today’s world we are segregated by so many circumstances, whether it be wealth, culture, religion, ethnicity. Down the very music we listen to and the way we ‘style’ our appearances. But the question Id like to ask many is, why? Why is it necessary to label that which cannot be labeled. As you grow older your taught to find your place in the world. You are urged to figure out just who it is you’re going to be in order to survive and make a living. And so, you are taught the basics; how to intellectually complete tasks and eventually think for yourself. I have this theory. And it refers to adolescents. A persons childhood is the basis for all that is to come in the future. It’s what I would call somewhat of a molding process. And I think Its at this early stage of life that we begin to evaluate our own level of importance for the first time. But like I said before segregation is in one way or  another incorporated into each of our lives. At least with the way things are moving now. The negative side to this separation is most certainly the judgment that follows naturally beside it. While statistically speaking there are many factors that make it easy to differentiate one person from another and easier for each person to be biased, the fact has and still does remain to this day, that we are all capable. we all start out and end the same, just different times different circumstances. Above all, we as humans, think, see, feel, breathe, live, and bleed all the same as each and every one of the billions of people inhabiting our Earth do. So the fact stands that were not so different after all. And if that’s not enough, each of us excels at different things and its the different combinations together that make the most astonishing outcomes. So as far as worth and potential go, we are undoubtedly equal. Look around and you will see. I feel that we, not only as an individuals but as one commonality need to become conscious of this fact first if we are ever to penetrate the walls that keep us apart. We’ve got to be a ‘united change‘.~



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